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These highly charged Oxidisers are more powerful than Sodium Hypochlorite which is the known dominant form of Chlorine yet 100% Toxic Free. Thus eliminating all the unhealthy side effects that comes from the production of Carcinogenic Trihalomethane and Chloramines, a bi-product of Chlorine, Whether you are using regular Chlorine or Chlorine produced by Salt Chlorination. Verified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The Electronic Oxidation also maintains the calcium in the pool water in a soft bicarbonate form thus eliminating the need for Alkaline management resulting in water that is so soft it feels like “Silk” even at P.H. levels of 6.8. The P.H. value is maintained at P.H. neutral for much longer periods of time thus further reducing pool water management. Calcium Hardness plus Total Dissolved Solids are never a problem, for pools that run on the “Natural Freshwater Oxygen System”. Water need never be changed because of high T.D.S. (Total Dissolved Solids) and conductivity of the water Is always kept in check. This is due to no harsh chemicals being necessary.

Due to the Elimination of Chlorine and other chemicals the water clarity Is superb soft gentle and pure, there is no aggressive water conditions that can destroy your marblelite or bleach your fibreglass. No white bleach marks on tile surrounds. There is no corrosive elements in the water hence your pool pumps filter sand pool pipes etc. last much longer. The immediate environment is chlorine odour and corrosive free. (great benefit for jacuzzi/spa and indoor heated pools.) Staining of pool walls is a thing of the past due to the elimination of Halogens or Salt in the water.

As the E-clear® system is Chlorine Free those who suffer from Asthma and Allergies and who may have a reaction to Chlorine/Bromine etc. can swim for hours in our “Natural Oxygenated Fresh Water”.