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How does the E-clear® “Natural Oxygen” system work?

Our “natural oxygen” system uses a process known as the Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Process (EAOP) that produces OH- (hydroxyl radicals) directly from the water molecule itself WITHOUT the requirement of any chlorine – salt – poisonous chemicals. Hydroxyl radical is a very powerful, non-selective, oxidizing agent that reacts rapidly with organic compounds until they are broken down into their mosdt basic elements, i.e., the transformation of initial pollutants into carbon dioxide, water and inorganic ions. It also kills 100% of all bacteria including E.coli and other chlorine-resistant bacteria and viruses. The E-clear® “Natural Freshwater Oxygen” system produces 4 non-toxic oxidizers O1 – O2 – OH – H2O2 all in gas form through special patented plates at a rate of up to 80 grams per minute (80% more effective than chlorine). Our oxygen electrodes last forever and come with a 5 year guarantee! However, should they be damaged for whatever reason they are inexpensive to replace. Standard Chlorine or Chlorine produced by Salt or bromine could never achieve the Bacteria kill rates that are produced by our Natural Oxygen Technology.

Using other sanitising systems, the water may look good but there are many bacteria’s that are still in the water. NOT SO With our Natural Oxygen Oxidation Technology. This natural Oxygen process delivers more toxic free oxidation in 1 minute than any other known salt, ozone, uv systems, or chlorine can generate in 1 hour. The water is brought back to 90% oxygen saturation levels which have numerous health benefits. Our system is verified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and is 100% Carbon Footprint Compliant.
How does the E-clear ionization work?
Our system is non toxic and uses a combination of “Natural Oxygen” and Algaecidal Copper Ionization developed by the NASA Space Program and is currently being used aboard the NASA spacecrafts for drinking water. Our Copper levels are lower than that found in some food supplements.

Upon installation and water set-up:- We run the Ionization for only 24-48 hours to achieve a level of Copper residual 0.7 ppm (Parts per million). When 0.7 ppm of Copper residual is achieved we switch over to OXYGEN mode. The world health organization says levels of Copper over 2.5 ppm are considered unacceptable. So 0.7 ppm is less than that found in food supplements and non-toxic.

Normal Ionization systems force feeds copper into the water all the time the pump is running to untold high toxic levels. We sweat the Ionization in at low levels and for only approximately 5% of the filtration time. Plus our algaecide electrodes consist of 5 elements. They are produced in clean laboratory conditions and are pre-heated to achieve the quality not found in other systems.

This Copper residual may need to be increased once every 14 days in the summer and once every month in the winter. Copper test kits are provided with the Unit. To increase the residual is a simple matter of switching from Oxygen to Ionisation. This is less work for your pool maintenance man than having to mix all his toxic chemicals and pour them into the pool and ultimately less dangerous with untold benefits! E-clear®’s algaecide ionisation plates last between 12 and 16 months depending upon filtration time. They are inexpensive to replace.
When would the system require additional UV?
For domestic use UV is a nice extra to have, but is not essential. Under certain circumstances E-clear® will recommend combining the system with UV, such as high body load, public swimming pools and spas.
How often do you need to change replacement parts?
The only replacement parts are ionization electrodes and the UV lamps, which are inexpensive. These spares would normally be changed every 12 to 16 months. UV lamps have an 5000 hour life.
Can the E-clear® system be adapted for unique requirements?
Yes, E-clear® can custom make systems to match clients’ unique requirements. In some instances E-clear® will recommend double oxygen electrodes and/or UV, based on the size of the pool and usage.
Does E-clear® offer a warranty?
Yes, 3 years if units are weather protected and 1 year if unit is unprotected. Oxygen electrodes come with a 5 year guarantee.
Is there a size limit for pools?
Chlorine Algecide required in regular doses.
E-clear® No Algecide required.
What about operating costs?
No, E-clear® systems have been installed in spas, Jacuzzis and domestic pools to commercial pools of over 10 million litres. E-clear® can handle large water volumes due to the efficiency of the natural oxygen process which by far exceeds that of ozone, UV and chlorine/salt systems.
What about operating costs?
Does E-clear® systems require more or less maintenance than conventional pools?
E-clear® pools require much less maintenance than conventional pools. No chemicals to add, less corrosive, and more stable pH than conventional pools. However, similar to any other type of pool, E-clear® freshwater pools recommend regular cleaning of filters and backwashing.
How difficult is it to install an E-clear® system?
Easy! E-Clear® systems are no more difficult to install than conventional salt chlorinators and can be installed in about 2 hours.
How difficult is it to maintain pool pH?
Due to the absence of salt/chlorine and other chemicals and the natural property of water pH in E-Clear® pools is far more stable. However, with bathing pH does change and the use of some standard pool acid or eco rated ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is sometimes used but at very low quantities. We do not need to be concerned about the alkalinity as our oxygen technology produces alkalinity within the water molecule - just as water was created to do. This is due to the increased dissolved oxygen in the water produced by our oxygen producing electrodes. So even at pH levels of 6.8 our water is soft gentle and non-irritating to the skin. E-Clear® also offers automated pH dosage systems that monitors and adjusts pH automatically via a drip system.
What are the technical requirements for the system to work effectively?

Firstly, the system needs to be installed correctly. Because E-clear® pools are freshwater and chemically free it is essential that a strong pump (from 1.1kW ( 1.5 hp) ) offering good flow rate and a large sand filter (min. 400lbs) is used. We also recommend pipe sizes of >50mm or 2 inches.

How long must the pool system run each day?

Small pools of up to 15,000 gallons – 8 hours a day
Medium pools of up to 30,000 gallons – 10 hours a day
Larger pools 100,000 gallons – 12 hours a day

What is required to convert an existing pool system?

If the pool has the correct size filter size and pump size E-clear® can install direct. No need to replace existing water.

Can the E-clear® system be installed in any pool?
The E-clear® system works best in a pepple-tec,fiber-lined, fiberglass or ceramic tiled pools. Although it can work in good quality marblite pools, white marblite pools are prone to copper staining. White marble leaches calcium for a long time this has the effect of raising the pH of the water plus the calcium acts as a magnet for the ionization. This may cause the copper to fall out of suspension and discolour (green) the white marble. Charcoal coloured pools are no problem since you won't see any copper staining. Salt chlorinators may cause brown oxidizing marks.
Is the system  good for fishponds or golf courses?
Yes, the system is fantastic for fishponds and golf courses since it also oxygenates the water which reduces fish death and algae build up ,as well as, reducing the need for nitrogen fertilizers.
Is the system any good for keeping fishponds algae free?
The system is excellent for keeping ponds algae free with the copper ionization process, the most efficient algaecide known to mankind.
How does the E-clear® system compare to ozone systems?
Ozone systems typically produce around 15 grams of oxygenated radicals per hour. E-clear®’s “natural oxygen process” delivers around 80 grams of oxygenated radicals per minute. This enables the E-clear® system to handle much larger water volumes (over 20 million liters) and high body count commercial applications. Furthermore, E-clear® systems combine the patented natural freshwater oxygen process with copper ionization and UV (optional) to make it the most technically advanced system available.
How does the E-clear® system compare to salt chlorinators?
With Salt Chlorinators the electrolysis process is achieved by passing the salt water solution through an electrolytic cell which converts sodium chloride (salt) in the water into chlorine gas which, when dissolved in water becomes sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine). This generates oxygen radicals which then act to sanitize your pool. So you are in fact producing your own chlorine to sanitize the pool and this still affects your families and children’s health and is not Eco friendly. Salt pools continuously produce chlorine gas (particularly at higher temperatures) which is extremely unhealthy and can be compared to the effects of smoking.

E-clear® natural oxygen process delivers more toxic free oxidation in 1 minute than any other known salt, ozone, UV systems or chlorine can generate in an hour. E-clear® is 100% chlorine free – salt free – chemical free and there is therefore no carcinogenic substances produced only 100% clean pure water…. ‘fit to drink’. Our product has been stringently tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as ECO RATED and 100% Carbon Footprint Compliant.
Why Chlorine Free?

It has been an accepted fact for the last 3 decades that "Chlorine" is safe, is this true?

Recently scientific reports and studies have verified that not only is Chlorine/ Bromine/Salt generated Chlorine is not safe, but are likely to be dangerous for human use if one is exposed to this type of sanitization for long periods of time. Salt pools in particular generate a lot of Chlorine gas that can be extremely harmful to one’s health.

Time for a Global phase-out

All over the world, chlorine-containing industrial chemicals are wrecking havoc with the environment and our health.
1. Chlorinated compounds are destroying the ozone layer that shields life on earth from ultraviolet radiation.
2. Hundreds of chlorine-based poisons are slowly building up worldwide in the air, water and food chain - and in our bodies as well.
3. New scientific evidence implicates these chemicals in severe and widespread health problems in people and wildlife, including infertility, impaired childhood development, immune system damage and cancer.

Chlorine is the common link in many of the world's most notorious environmental poisons: Dioxin, DDT, Agent Orange, PCBs and the ozone-destroying chlorofluoridecarbons (CFCs) are all based on chlorine. These and other chlorine-containing substances dominate government lists of "Purity pollutants" that threaten health and the environment, but thousands of other chlorinated poisons that cause similar harm are not regulated or even monitored.

The global threat posed by the "chlorine soup" now present in the ecosystem is too complex to be solved by addressing these chemicals one at a time. If we wish to preserve the life-sustaining capacity of the planet, the root of the problem - the production and use of chlorine must be phased out.

Slowly poisoning the planet

One reason the organochlorines are useful to industry is that they tend to be very stable and they resist the natural breakdown process. But this also means that they persist in the environment for decades or even centuries. Some organochlorines degrade slowly, but the breakdown products are usually other organochlorines and these are often more toxic or persistent than the original chemical. Because of their long life times, even small discharges of these chemicals build up in the environment over time. As industry produces more chlorine, the global burden of organochlorines continues to grow.

From the North Pole to the deep oceans, organochlorines can be found in the air, water and food chain. People who live near sources of chlorine pollution are most exposed but the problem is mostly global: even polar bears, whales and Inuit people living far from any industry now carry extremely high levels of dioxins, PCBs and other organochlorines in their body tissue.

Closer to home scores of organochlorines can be found in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Our greatest exposure, however, comes from our food, especially fish, meats and dairy products. Many organochlorines concentrate in fats and multiply in concentration as they move up the food chain. The levels of these chemicals in the bodies of birds, fish, people and marine mammals are millions of times greater than the amounts found in the ambient environment. Humans are at the top of the food chain, so our bodies serve as magnets for organochlorine pollution in the environment.

In a study in Canada, one hundred and seventy seven organochlorines - including pesticides, dioxides, PCBs and many others were found in fat, mother’s milk, semen and blood. Many more organochlorines have been known to be present but not yet identified.

Our children receive the highest doses

Organochlorines are passed through one generation to the next through the placenta and breast milk, during the most sensitive periods of development. Levels of some organochlorine pesticides in the milk of mothers in many industrialized nations are so high that the milk would violate maximum standard for cow's milk.

The health threat

According to the American Public Health Organization, organochlorines "are found to pose public health risks involving the work place, consumer products and the general environment." Virtually all organochlorines that have been studied have been found to cause at least one of a wide range of effects, including genetic mutations, disruptions of hormones, suppression of the immune system, birth defects and impaired childhood development, reproductive dysfunction, infertility and cancer.
Why choose an E-clear® system?

So why even think about choosing chemicals to sanitize your water, when NOW!!! There is a 100% chlorine/toxic free option available that will safely protect you from all Bacteria without any damage to yourself, your family or your pets.

When you have your ideal pool built and have paid large dollar amount for that luxury, you have only two choices to sanitize your swimming pool water:

1) Swim in a non toxic water environment where there is no corrosion, Pool shell life is extended considerably as is the filter media, pump and immediate environment, plus animals can drink the water, irrigate your garden with the back-wash and above all, it is ecologically safe for humans & animals.


2) Swim in a toxic dangerous water environment where corrosion on your pool reduces considerably the life of:- Pool shell, pump, pipe-work, filter media, garden (considering the filter back-wash), immediate environment and above all, the water is DANGEROUS to you and your animals health.

As we use ZERO Chlorine, there is no reaction of chlorine + copper which produces copper chloride and BAD STAINS. This will never happen with our system, even in White Marble! As long as no chlorine is put into the water! The Natural Oxygen process will leach out all calcium in the pool turning it into a soft bicarbonate alkaline form. This also means that you never have to check and adjust your alkaline level in the water.

The Oxygen provides a water that is buoyant and bacteria/toxic FREE with a soft clear finish. A healthy water environment that allows animals to drink it and for you to use the back wash to irrigate your garden without danger!

Further more, people with Asthma or Allergies can swim for hours and hours. There is no adverse affect or health risk. Because the water is so soft and gentle, there is no bleaching or aggressive water chemicals to destroy the filter sand, pumps, immediate pools surround and indeed the pool shell itself! No corrosion extending your pool life and reducing your long-term costs from wear and tear, power consumption and filtration time! “No tear gas effect, no odor, no irritation what-so-ever, no chlorine, no more toxic chemicals” Kiss Chlorine Goodbye!"

And further more:- We invite any water tests by competent authorities and authorized water test laboratories!

Take action NOW to eliminate toxic chemicals from your pool and immediate environment!
There is no reason to settle for anything less at a price lower than toxic sanitizers, using less power, less maintenance and 80% more efficient than anything else on the market today!
Maintaining the pool water at pH 7.1 in not optimal for bather eye comfort, whereas 7.5 is (medical fact not chlorine seller’s myth). Why run a system on lower pH, no oxidizer residual and a constant copper reading when you can just maintain low levels of chlorine and a comfortable pH with stabilized chlorine and other necessary chemicals?

I n chemical oxidation this is true but not so with natural chemical free oxidation our water is substantially more comfortable than chlorine based swimming pools. Using chlorine is one of the most toxic & aggressive methods of water disinfection. The contribution by chlorine to the climate change is measurable and water was never created to be subjected with toxic chemicals like chlorine/stabilizers/algaecides and a whole host of other useless unhealthy chemicals. There is no advantage to the use of chemicals as water was never created to have chemicals put into it.

I thought the system was “chemical free,” what about the copper?

Copper ionization is not a chemical. it is the most efficient algaecide known to mankind. Due to the toxic and gaseous nature of chlorine copper ionization is currently being used aboard the NASA space crafts for drinking water. We consume copper in our food and ionization has been used for centuries as a most healthy and effective means of removing E coli coliforms; Legionelle- Strepp. Chlorine is useless when it comes to Legionelle or Cryptosporidium or viruses. At 90F chlorine fails dismally.

If pH drops below or rises above 7.1 you would need to add “chemicals” not so?

Due to the absence of salt/chlorine and other chemicals and the natural property of water ph in E-clear® pools is far more stable. However, with bathing ph does change and the use of some standard pool acid or eco rated ascorbic acid (vitamin c) is sometimes used and at much lower quantities. We do not need to be concerned about the alkalinity as our oxygen technology produces alkalinity within the water molecule - just as water was created to do. This is due to the increased dissolved oxygen in the water produced by our oxygen producing electrodes. So even at ph levels of 6.8 our water is soft gentle and non-irritating to the skin.

Does the oxygen leave a residual? How is the pool oxidized when the system is off?

Water naturally oxidizes itself direct from the water molecule.
It was never intended to have chemicals added to it. When we ruined the water supply worldwide we destroyed the dissolved oxygen in the water, as no fresh water is ever replaced! What we have is what we have - no new water is produced! it’s a constant cycle- hence our technology replaces this destroyed dissolved oxygen so that the water is brought back to a 90% oxygen saturation and thus can constantly oxidize itself - unlike chlorine that dies after a few hours and is one of the most inefficient halogens known to mankind - its used only because it’s cheap.

Chlorine is not effective in very hot weather and in fact when they switch off the pumps there is virtually no protection for the bather - this can be verified by doing a bacteria test.

Our oxidation levels are constant and are not affected by heat -in fact the heat is a plus factor for us..

In chlorinated pools we use products to remove metals like copper and iron, E-clear® uses a system that runs on copper (and oxygen).

Yes bucket loads of deadly chlorine and/or salt are still widely used in the United States. However, more people are becoming aware of the health risks and ecological damage that these toxic chemical produce. When a choice is put before clients they will always choose the freshwater option versus chlorine/salt.