commercial system title
100% natural oxygen purification system without uv designed for high body load public swimming pools .The system shown below is built specifically for commercial size pools. Whether it be a olympic sized pool or a hydrotherapy pool, the E-clear® is the essential chlorine free filtration system.


Every commercial E-clear® system comes with a fully automatic pH control system. The system monitors and if necessary injects acid into the pool water to maintain a pH of 7.1 The dosing pump constantly shows a digital readout of the pH of the pool water.

commercial system
commercial system

Designed for high body load public swimming pools

Pool Volumes from 500m3 (110,000 gallons) to 20,000m3 (4.4 million gallons). With Multiple units and Oxygen Electrode Chambers depending on water volumes designed to deliver approx. 78 grams of Toxic Free Oxidation per minute per Electrode Chamber - combined with ionic residual guarantees the complete destruction of all water borne Pathogens that develop in public swimming pool environment. Especially Cryptosporidium which has become very dangerous for swimmers in public swimming pool environments.

Without the need for 1 gram of Chlorine - Bromine - Ozone - Salt - or Toxic Chemicals the above mega systems provide Public Swimming Pools - Schools - Swimming Academys - Health Clubs - Hotels - the healthiest bacteria free pool water available.

Research has shown that Chlorine and other known Halogens and systems do not guarantee the destruction of all bacteria in poolwater. Our Technology will provide the 100% Protection that public bathers deserve – plus eliminate the destructive elements associated with outdated chemical purification methods. The immediate environment is substantially improved and the bather comfort is superb. No more Chlorine Odours- Irritations- Eye infections - Ear infections - Dry brittle hair and a host of other negative issues.

The natural oxygen purification allows individuals who suffer with Asthma or Sinus problems or Allergies… the freedom to swim as long as they like without any negative effect on their health.

Costs Savings:
Measured in terms of chemical savings – Pump Replacement – Filter Sand Replacement Brittle Circulation Pipes – Corrosion Problems – General Upkeep.There is a huge drop in operating expenses and a major increase in customer satisfaction.