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E-clear® has developed a Patented “Natural Freshwater Oxygen Process” the most profound and beneficial advancement in water purification technology that has been introduced in the last 100 years. E-clear®'s whole home water systems connect directly to your mains to produces 100% pure mineral water from every tap.

E-clear® systems is technologically superior to any other water purification system. It combines Ultrafiltration, Hydroxite Mineral Enrichment filtration, Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC), Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV) Technology, Ionization and a “Natural Water Oxygen Process” leaving your water crystal clean, pure and 30% more oxygenated - 100% chlorine free - bacteria free - toxic free.

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• Is your household water 100% chlorine free?
• Does your water contain chloramines and trihalomethanes?
• Is your water 100% bacteria and toxic free?
• Does your water contain lead and mercury?
• How high is your volatile organic contaminants in your water?
• How infested is your water with radon contamination?
• Does your water taste and smell like chlorine?
• How much pesticide and disinfection byproduct is in
your water?
• Improves dramatically taste, odour and clarity of water.
• Ultraviolet destroys almost 100% of waterborne disease.
• Ultraviolet inactivates Cryptosporidium.
• System effectively removes asbestos scale sediment dirt.
• System effectively removes parasites including Giardia.
• Hydroxite filter media removes nitrate and ammonia from water.

Is your water so clean, pure and healthy its ‘fit to drink’?

….. if not, it should be!



Connects directly to main water supply

Hydroxite filter – mineral enrichment ion exchange media for removal
of ammonia/nitrates from source water

5 micron filter - removes initial Sediment Dirt from water lines

Ion Exchange with granulated activated carbon (GAC) - removes
chlorine, pesticides & insecticides

Extended Germicidal UV chamber - for longer contact time with water, removes 99.99% of all waterborne parasites and diseases including deactivation of Cryptosporidium. Special long life High Spektrotherm Germicidal UV Lamps, 5000hrs

Oxygen electrodes – patented system produces natural oxidation of

O-, O2, OH, H2O2 results in 100% Toxic Free Natural Oxidation (more efficient than any other oxygenation/ozone system yet 100% Toxic Free). Designed to deliver approx. 78 grams of TOXIC FREE Oxidation
per electrode per minute!!

Copper Ionization Electrodes - developed by NASA SPACE PROGRAM. Efficient elimination of all bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae. Activates descaling program to prevent buildup of scale in water lines.

Final phase 5 micron coconut shell GAC filter – high quality activated carbon cartridge for final removal of any last traces of chlorine-lead-mercury-pesticides-herbicides-insecticides

Flow rate: from 1,800 to 18,000 liters/hour