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E-Clear® the patented - 100% Chlorine free, salt free, toxic free, bacteria free water purification technology for whole homes and pools.

E-Clear®’s advanced ‘natural oxygen process’ delivers more toxic free oxidation in 1 minute than any other known salt, ozone, UV or chlorine
systems can generate in 1 hour.

E-Clear® systems have been purifying
water in homes, spas, pools and commercial applications without the hazards and problems associated with chemical sanitizers for over a decade .
E-Clear® freshwater pool systems are installed in over 10, 000 pools in more than 22 countries worldwide.

E-Clear®’s line of pool purifiers offer the best choice for 100% chlorine free pool purification. It uses a 3 step process to create a fully oxygenated mineralized
pool that is as fresh as spring water. No chemicals or chlorine are ever added. It’s the healthiest choice, bar-none, for green minded swimming pool enthusiasts anywhere in the world.

Have you thought about the effects of swimming pool chemicals on your family and friends?

Once you have had an E-clear® pool purification system installed, there will be no requirement to use any swimming pool chemicals such as Chlorine or Bromine to disinfect your pool water, leaving your family and friends to swim in crystal clear toxic free water.

Enviromentally friendly (chlorine free)

Have you thought about what happens to your swimming pool water when you conduct a backwash cycle. Well, consider it no more because with an E-clear® North America water purification system you can use the backwash water to wash the car or water the plants. You will no longer be dumping water with swimming pool chemicals into the surrounding soil.

Animal friendly (chlorine free)

Animals have the habit of drinking pool water and the chemicals are harmful to their digestive system. With E-clear® North America water purification systems, your animals will be able to drink the water with no harmful side effects that swimming pool chemicals can do.

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mk7 system

Home Systems 100%

natural oxygen purification system without uv designed for home swimming pools

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home system

Freshwater Pool Systems 100%

natural oxygen purification system designed to purify water more efficiently than ozone, UV, chlorine or salt chlorinators, and without the addition of dangerous or toxic chemicals to your water.

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mk7x4 system

Commercial Systems

100% natural oxygen purification system without uv designed for high body load public swimming pools

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Whole Home Purification

100% natural oxygen purification system for whole household pure mineral water
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